After Sales… We Care

Why do we care?

  • It gives us great pride and a sense of achievement to have improved the lives of our clients by installing an often much needed lift.
  • We want you to be happy with your lift and our service so that we can grow the business through recommendations.
  • We want the product to be reliable and installed to a standard that reduces the risk of unnecessary call outs therefore increasing productivity.
  • We want the lift to be aesthetically pleasing, adding value and improving the look of the building.

We service all of the lifts we supply and where possible, even the ones supplied by other companies.  A fully warranty is provided with all of our lifts and you then have the option of an annual maintenance agreement including 24 hour emergency cover for the unlikely event of a break down.  We can also carry out LOLER (Lifting Operations or Lifting Equipment Regulations) tests when required.

Should I have my lift regularly serviced?

Yes, we think you should.


To ensure the safety and smooth running of the equipment.

How often is this required and what is involved?

The frequency of lift maintenance very much depends on the product and it’s usage but we can advise on each individual case.  General safety checks are carried out, including electrical tests, torque settings, over speed governor tests, etc.  The lift is then cleaned and lubricated where there are moving parts and any parts replaced where necessary.